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Finding the Perfect Gift

Today is my sister, Rose’s, 60th birthday! It’s funny how we age by measuring other people’s lives. I can’t believe my sister is 60, but what that REALLY means is I am 52! My sister moved when I was ten, but would come back to visit when she could on birthdays and Christmas.

My sister Rose is the reason we moved to Emerald Isle and opened our beach front Emerald Isle boutique! She has lived in Jacksonville for 38 years, having married a Marine!

My four adult children used to live in three different parts of the country: Washington, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. However, they knew that when they wanted to start having their own children, they wanted to live TOGETHER as a family unit. That meant one place, near their favorite Auntie, but also near the Crystal Coast.

I, myself, couldn’t be far from the water and fell in love with Emerald Isle’s green waters, laid back coastal vibe, lovely people and combination feel of being home while vacationing!

So, May babies…what are you looking for? Enchanted Interiors has the perfect gift for everyone and anyone!

We have many made in North Carolina gifts and products, such as:

Or, how about the Emerald Isle name drop for people who vacation or live here? If you are a realtor, or have any service business, these would be perfect presents to give to your clients!

Enchanted Interiors also has a stunning collection of coastal décor, furnishings and accessories for the person who appreciates the finer things.

We also have the perfect gift for the hard to find for such as the Enchanted Interior charm, blanket, towel.

Of course, you can always shop for yourself as well. Our boutique has the perfect items for beach days including lotions, bags, hats, and drinkware.

Let’s not forget the boaters in our lives. We have Brumate exclusive drinkware and Toadfish for non-spill, non-mess cups and bowls.

We can’t wait to meet you to help you find the perfect gift for that special person, which may even mean YOURSELF!

Happy Sunrises and Sunsets,


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R. E.
R. E.
16 juin 2021

So happy Y’all landed here! It warms my heart that family WANTS to live near me! Know I support and love you in your new adventure! Here’s to a successful retail business. May it bring you all closer of that even possible. When it gets stressful and different opinions arise, and they will, always remember your why.



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