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Lighting Can Truly Make the Difference in Your Home

Hello & Welcome Back! If you’ve been into our store, you know we’re all pretty obsessed with lighting. We always have four chandeliers showcased in the front, we have another over our desk and we have an entire lighting and lamp section with more on the way!

But have you noticed the POWER lighting can have in your home? It changes your entire ambiance, and can really become a positive or negative focal point in a room. Sometimes lighting is just too harsh and you can experiment with different bulbs or wattage to create the effect you’re looking for. Changing out a chandelier can change the entire atmosphere in a room as much as a mirror or a cozy space does. Most homes come with ‘standard’ lighting and chandeliers, the basic silver, simple pendant to get you by. If you’ve ever thought about changing those out, now is the time! It is such an easy switch and will make you re-evaluate a space and fall in love with your home all over again. We have so many new lamps and chandeliers coming to Enchanted Interiors. We’re also happy to try and provide a custom order for you by showing you examples of what we can order for you. Our team prides ourselves on working hand in hand with our customers by showing them different options of anything they’re interested in. As our design client list expands, so doesn’t our knowledge, our vendors. We always try and provide you with any piece as quickly as we can, as we know patience is hard! Waiting for something you’ve been dreaming of, or dread looking at everyday can be quite challenging. As shipping, Covid, and getting product becomes more difficult everywhere – we’re really narrowing our searches into what is USA made, locally made or is available NOW in the QUALITY we always strive for.

Throughout our short time here on Emerald Isle, we’ve really connected with our locals over their coastal and boho aesthetic and we’ve loved seeing the different pieces come and go in our store and ultimately find their forever home in your space. We’ve had hand blown glass lamps, dazzling crystal chandeliers, farmhouse-rustic style pieces, and some boho-beaded chandeliers as well. I can’t wait to get new pieces in, to hang them in store and think about buying them for myself (nobody told me that was going to be the hardest part of owning a boutique – NOT changing every piece in my OWN home with our fabulous inventory!) But really, so many of y’all come in and ask what we would change in their space by showing us photos or inviting us into your home and 9/10 times, changing the lighting would make all the difference, so let us show you how or just come on in and buy the lamp you’ve been eyeing each time you visit.


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