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What To Keep on Your Counter

Feeling the clutter piling up? Is your kitchen the focal space of your home? Is it the dropping ground for all things: mail, kid’s homework, the last apple that hasn’t been eaten.

A kitchen is often the space that brings everyone together. We congregate there for family meals, we lean against the island and listen to important phone calls, we have a glass of wine with our spouse and relinquish all of the day’s burdens. So shouldn’t your kitchen be one of the spaces in your home that brings you the most JOY? I often get laughed at for not having many items on my counter, and people think it’s because I can be (ahem, cough cough) somewhat of a neat freak. Maybe it’s a 50/50 split for me, but I think it should be more about making it a space that’s functional, and also a little calm as the craziness that surrounds it is always going to show up.

SO, what should you keep on your counter? You want the space to feel light but functional. If you’re a coffee drinker all day long, leave the coffee pot out. If you hand wash all of your dishes, leave a dishmat out that makes you laugh or matches your space. But in regards to decor, minimalist is best. Keep a set of your favorite votives out, candles bring all sorts of calming effects and good ambiance into a space. Grab a cutting board that has your favorite saying or scape on it, so it anchors you and your loved ones in that space. Keep a neat counter, so that as the drop off space fills up, there’s room to sort through it all. I find having an organizer for the clutter very helpful as well (and even a hidden junk drawer!) It provides a space for the leftover pens, mail followup, or even a bowl that can store that one banana that you swear you’re going to turn into banana bread.

At Enchanted Interiors, we seem to have found our niche for our design clients, providing many options, but more sounding advice for some of the worries, questions or simply - ‘why doesn’t this work?’ If you haven’t been in, come see us! We have the cutest decor items that would amplify your space while keeping the space warm and inviting. If you’re in need of a full kitchen revamp with bar stools and lighting, we do that too! If you don’t know where to start - your kitchen is always best. Find your calm there. Make your space what you desire and when you’re ready, invite the whole gang over. Tag us #enchantedinteriorsei we would love to see how you accented those counters, or the happy faces of a family gathering.


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