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Creating A Mood Board, Idea or Space

Welcome back to the Blog! Wrapping up 2021 was quite the adventure and with that means we’ve been slacking on posting over here a bit! The holidays were busy for everyone, new variants, new rules for travel, waiting on packages, revamping, and more! We wanted to start 2022 with some positivity.

As most of you know (and if not, hello & welcome!) We own a boutique in Emerald Isle, NC that specializes in home decor, furnishings, gifts and assistance with interior design. As our client list grows, we’ve found more and more clients bringing a mood board together for their space. It got me thinking, a mood board, dream board, vacation board, household goals, children’s accomplishments, weekly dinners, the lists go on and it all revolves around ORGANIZATION and CREATION. In 2022, I think we should propel our dreams and our goals forward. I know resolutions start on the first, but some of those can often seem daunting or intimidating. Starting small, and letting that dream, or idea grow is what can propel that dream into coming full circle. A wonderful way to do this is by creating a board or a place for this goal that you want to grow.

Dreaming of going on vacation - make a list of 5 places you’d love to go. Find pictures that make your heart soar and put them in a word document, print them out and put them on your mirror or set it as your phone background. Wanting your child to potty train? Set a sticker chart in the bathroom, let them choose some big boy or girl undies that you both can look at and say, almost there! Hoping to revamp your least favorite space in the house - make a collage of spaces you love or take a picture of your favorite lamp at your favorite store in Emerald Isle. Bringing little pieces of that goal together will push you into taking bigger steps to accomplish it.

2020-2022 has been hard y'all, for everyone. No matter what your beliefs are, there have been challenges in the last few years that most of us haven’t seen in our lifetime, so what we’ve been promoting is self-care - on all scales. If you come to visit our shop and you're looking for a gift, but find something you LOVE? Honestly, get it. Let it bring you joy when things have been a little gray. Wanting to revamp the space in your home you dread - get the cute baskets that will make it more fun to look at. Thinking about a promotion at work - make a list of all the reasons you kick ass, even if you’re not ready to bring it to your boss just yet.

I’ve been enjoying creating mood boards for our clients and watching their dreams come to life with it. Clients have also sent us photos of things they can’t live without, and sometimes photos of things, I have no idea how we’re going to find. But putting together small steps that make your eyes light up is important in all that we do in this life. So as 2022 starts, start those small steps into making bigger changes. We can’t wait to hear all about your dreams blossoming.

Here is an example mood board from one of our favorite clients in Emerald Isle! We cannot wait to help design this space over the next few months. Maybe make an album on your phone where you can add some pictures of your favorite things for inspiration, motivation, and so we don't forget that item we just LOVED! We are always here to help you along the way! Cheers to a great 2022!


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