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Renovations… Should I really start now?

Hey y’all, welcome back! Now that the drive of tourists has started to dwindle a little bit, when is the best time to start your rental renovations? The answer is now! Our weather is still lovely and cooling off, the rain hasn’t started coming and the holidays haven’t begun yet.

This would be the perfect time to order and receive new furniture pieces. Our store is

constantly getting new inventory and year round we have our fabric options in loveseats, sofas, swivel chairs, and more! Enchanted Interiors has multiple fabrics to choose, from neutrals to bright, coastal patterns! If you don’t know, we help with interior design work as well. We happily provide a consultation with you where we discuss your thoughts, design styles you might like, paint colors, your space and more. After the initial consult, we provide different options for your space based on our prior meeting and your dream vision! We have paint options, books of furniture selections and vendors for the perfect décor accent piece.

I know the heat of summer and the busy days at the beach always bring a calmer fall vibe, so

you might be dreading the renovation process but I promise you – it’s worth it! Our little town gets so many tourists every season and after talking to MANY local realtors, they say that number is only continuing to rise with Covid bringing more numbers to our quiet beach town where many feel it is safer to vacation. Our economy is booming over here, with new

businesses sprouting and new homes being built or sold quicker than the market can keep up with!

With our island of dreams meeting so many needs, renovations could bring your rental prices higher. So, let’s spruce it up! You can do this by changing any major focal point of a room – a new couch, a large art piece, a statement mirror, new fabrics, bedding or pillows are always an easy, seasonal change as well! If you’re local, Enchanted Interiors is a one stop shop for all of your renovation needs. Come in, tell us what you’re looking for and let us show you how we can help!


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