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Custom Upholstered, Locally Made Furniture 

Enchanted Interiors prides themselves in carrying high quality, unique, locally made goods. We are proud to partner with a second generation, family run furniture artisan.


All furniture is made in approximately 8 weeks with over 65 different fabric options to select from. Our products are made with hardwood frames, wooden legs, and steel. The cushions are 'double sided' meaning they are upholstered on either side so you can flip them if necessary; we do not use the black fabric on one side that has become the norm elsewhere.

Throw pillows can also be purchased in the fabric of your choice (coordinating or an accent pattern) with or without welted cord/piping. Additionally, we also offer pull-out sofas. Sleeper mattresses are built with a two-part contract unit making them sturdier and a 4" mattress making them more comfortable; queen and full sleepers are available in most of our sofa options.


Prices START at Fabric Level A, the deeper into the alphabet the fabric goes, the price increases. Please ask for pricing - quotes subject to vary slightly based on economy's price of wood, steel & fabric selected.


*Delivery is not included.*

"The Standard": Rounded Arms

  • Available in Queen & Full Sleeper

  • Sofa option of 2 or 3 cushions 

  • Sofa: 81"W x 36"D x 36"H

  • Townhouse: 73"W x 36"D x 36"H

  • Love Seat: 59"W x 36"D x 36"H

3 seat couch with optional sleeper

"The Courtyard": Square Arms

  • Available in Queen & Full Sleeper 

  • Sofa: 78"W x 36"D x 36"H

  • Townhouse: 70"W x 36"D x 36"H

  • Love Seat: 56"W x 36"D x 36"H

Navy couch with square arms

"The True": Square Arms

  • Welted Cord (Piping)

  • Available in Queen & Full Sleeper 

  • Sofa: 81"W x 38"D x 37"H

  • Townhouse: 73"W x 38"D x 37"H

  • Love Seat: 58"W x 38"D x 37"H

piping 3 seat couch optional sleeper

"The Proper": Square Arms

  • Welted Cord (Piping)

  • With or Without Nailhead Trim

  • Sofa: 83"W x 37"D x 38"H

  • Love Seat: 59"W x 37"D x 38"H

Nailhead trim couch two pillows

"The L Sectional": Rounded Arms

  • 2 Piece Sectional

  • Solid fabrics only

  • Right or Left Arm Facing

  • 108"W x 34"D & 86"W x 34"D

2 piece sectional with rounded arms.jpg

"The Chaise Sectional": Square Arms

  • 2 Piece Sectional w/ Chaise 

  • Solid fabrics only

  • Available in Full Sleeper

  • Welted Cord (Piping)

  • Right or Left Side Chaise Available

  • Dimensions: 110"W x 60"Chaise

sectional with chaise optional sleeper.jpg

"The Oversized Sectional": Sloped Arms

  • Large Sectional & Chaise Lounge

  • Solid fabrics only & attached back

  • Welted Cord (Piping)

  • Left Arm Sofa: 94"W x 38"D x 36"H

  • Middle Section: 51"W x 38"D x 36"H

  • Right Chaise: 63"W x 38"D x 36"H

Sloped Arm Piping Sectional


  • With or without Welted Cord (Piping)

  • Cube: 18" W x 18" D x 18" H

  • Regular: 23" W x 23" D x 20" H

  • Large: 33" W x 24" D x 20" H

Ottoman with Piping
cube ottoman.jpg

Swivel Glider / Rocker Chair

  • Welted Cord (Piping)

  • Available Stationary with Wood Legs

  • Dimensions: 34"W x 33”D x 34"H

Swivel Club Chair

  • Available Stationary with Wood Legs

  • Dimensions: 30"W x 28"D x 31"H

swivel club chair
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