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How to Help Small Businesses

As most of y’all know, we decided to open a boutique last year right at the height of Covid. Nobody knew how long it was going to last or the different variants that would arise. We couldn’t have anticipated the delay in opening or getting so close and then having a small flood in the store. My point is that EVERY SINGLE SMALL BUSINESS has gone through harder times over the last few years than they may have ever seen while running their business. Finding employees became near impossible, so many got sick, had to close, change their hours, implement new policies, ran late, had delays and everything in between. This summer is our TIME TO SHINE.

Emerald Isle, Swansboro, Morehead and all of our little small towns in between up and down the coast are ready with revamps, new stuff and bright smiles. This summer is the time to GET OUT! Shop, eat, travel, visit the little nooks of the Crystal Coast you haven’t seen and support small businesses the entire time. Without us, we wouldn’t be one of the top tourist locations, without us, the bigger companies don’t always support donations, girl scouts, Eagle Scouts, soccer teams and everything in between. Without us, the Crystal Coast wouldn’t be what it is - full of Southern Hospitality, local craftsmanship, interesting conversations, good food and great shopping.

If you can’t always get out and support small businesses in person- you know what you CAN do? You can share all of our social media posts. You can comment what you love. You can talk about our businesses to your friends and family. You can post about us on the Community sites and pages. The more word gets out that we are here, we are loved and we are needed, the more clientele we all get and the more we succeed. When we succeed, we’re feeding our kids, we get to have family beach days, we get to give back when unfortunate events happen. We love being here, we love being part of this community and we love helping in any way we can. So let’s all shine a little brighter this summer and help one another in any way we can.


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