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Fun Things to Do in Emerald Isle: Salty Pirate Water Park

It’s been a couple weeks since the Salty Pirate Water Park opened after two years of being closed. I cannot imagine how the owners must be feeling! I’m sure mostly relieved.

As I write this, I am waiting on the front steps of our location for the Spectrum installer. As many of you know, the opening has been delayed more times than we care to count due to construction delays. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful sunny day and I am counting my blessings as I sit on the steps outside because it’s not rainy and it looks like we are near the finish line. I can actually see a store starting to form and can almost imagine greeting our first customer.

Those familiar with the Village West project know that Enchanted Interiors is right across from the Salty Pirate Water Park on Emerald Isle, which is just as famous for their slides as their continued ability to come back after two years of being closed, having suffered from Hurricane Florence in 2019 and then a tornado in 2020!

As I’ve been sitting here, I can hear the din of the kids screaming going down the water slide, with green, blue and yellow choices as their options of slide. My grandchildren love going down each and every one and I am sure I can hear their screams of excitement from our store.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been down a water slide. How come as adults we miss those opportunities of just sheer joy and happiness? Isn’t life exactly like a water park?

We have to walk up the long climb overcoming hurdles just to get to the choices…blue, yellow, green…which is the easiest, which is the hardest? Which one will give us the most joy and excitement? How do we know in advance? The simple answer is we don’t…we just make the best choice we have with the information we have at the time and try to enjoy the ride. Sometimes the ride is extra bumpy. Sometimes we get extra wet. Sometimes we land in the pool and feel like we’re drowning, but how come when we’re kids no matter what the outcome, we seem to enjoy the ride more?

So, today as I sit here waiting on the cable installer, I have resolved to enjoy the RIDE more... Be more patient for the ride and enjoy the activities of the day. I, like the kids will scream with excitement, “We’re opening an Emerald Isle boutique!”

Got to go. The installer is here, but I think after he leaves…I’m gonna grab my bathing suit and go for a ride!


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