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5 Must Haves for a Perfect Beach Home on Emerald Isle

Do you own a home or vacation rental on Emerald Isle? Do you want your space to be trendy, but not tacky?

Here are Five MUST HAVES for your Emerald Isle space:

1. A Luxurious Bed! - An inviting bed is usually composed of three things: placement, comfort, cleanliness. Typically, the bed is the focal point of the room! It is best for fabrics to fit the bed perfectly. This should mean fabrics don’t bunch or pool on the floor. They should not be stained or frayed. Adding thick comfortable pillows invites the viewer to want to lay their head down. Additionally, adding other textiles (pillows in an alternate color or fabric) creates an inviting look. We will have a variety of bedding and throw pillows to create the perfect look.

2. Comfortable Mattress - Unfortunately, this, along with your couch may be one of your most expensive furniture purchases. If this is your second home or a rental space, you may not want to spend the money. Instead add a pillow top and a duvet comforter to lay ON, rather than on top of the bed.

3. Window Treatments - Most renters will want black out shades. I would hang a black out shade but hang more of a sheer, flowing drape or curtain for that coastal feel. For families with small children having black out shades allows the kids to sleep in, which is a BIG win for parents on vacation!

4. Comfortable and Safe Fabrics - I cannot express how much I LOVE Sunbrella fabrics! They are long lasting, fade resistant, comfortable, and clean wonderfully. They have both one color and multi-color fabrics and also come in a variety of coastal colors. I would suggest a one-color couch and side pieces in coastal fabric for you Emerald Isle home. While Sunbrella fabrics are a bit more of a cost up front their longevity will surely make the purchase worth it - especially if you have rentals on Emerald Isle.

5. Comfortable, Pull Out Couch - Again, this can be expensive but it really is worth it for your own family and company as well as if you have a rental. Mattresses on pull out couches can come with an upgrade (or not!). I would recommend getting the higher end mattress and ALSO getting a pillow top that you can purchase from Amazon. Sleeping on the couch can actually be a good nights sleep with these upgrades.

If you are looking for beautiful, decorative side pieces, accessories, décor pieces, please come see us at our Emerald Isle boutique, Enchanted Interiors, located on Islander Drive at Village West.

Enjoy your Emerald Isle paradise!

Happy Sunrises and Sunsets,

Enchanted Interiors,



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