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Stranger in a Strange Land: A Yankee Moves into a Emerald Isle Trailer Park

If you had ever told me I would be living in a trailer park in the South, I would have told you that you in my best Boston accent, “yeah right…Not gonna happen,” probably with a lot more expletives than that, but sometimes things change and well…in my case, nothing can complete with my granddaughters’ big googly eyes looking at me on Facetime saying “Nonnieeeeee!” So here I am living in a Park Model on the beach right here on beautiful Emerald Isle.

Here is what I have learned:

1. You don’t need that much STUFF! I have downsized a little bit more each move until I finally moved with two suitcases into a 392’ mobile home. I have everything I want or need. True, I was lucky that the former owner left certain key items like a small couch and dining table and bed, but that is usually part of the bargain when you purchase one of these. Keep only the things that make you truly happy. Chances are, you’ll have only one or two items like that. Pictures can be scanned into your computer system.

2. Everyone will know your business BEFORE you even tell them. It’s akin to living in a small town with a neighborhood of fifty. They will know where you’re from, what you do, your marital status, and how many children you have. There’s no secrets, so don’t think you’re gonna have any. However, the same is true about your neighbors. They will be the friendliest people you ever met and you too, will know all about them. That means that they keep an eye on your place, you’ll be safe and you’ll be borrowing food or handyman skills occasionally.

3. If you’re a Yankee, (such as myself) the Southern accent can appear, well, THICK. When my very friendly neighbor introduced her dog to me three times and I still couldn’t get it…she spelled it….ES-YOU-EN-EN-WHY? SUNNY! I got it…. maybe I was dropped on my head as a child, who knows? However, pretty soon, you’ll be liberally dousing old Southern standbys into your vocabulary as if they were your first words and you never forgot them…y’all can be one or many! It’s up to you! Love it. My favorite saying is definitely “Bless her/his/their hearts.” Y’all know what that means so I don’t need to tell you, but to any Yankees who are reading this…know that it’s not always a compliment.

4. You will become a voyeur. Yep. There are some amazing sights to see on this beach of ours at Emerald Isle and I just can’t stop myself from people watching.

5. You will drink more than you did before. Sorry…it’s a fact…Something cold just goes down better with your neighbors on a deck in the heat.

6. Nothing has made me happier than watching the sun come up and go down over the water while sitting on the deck of my Southern RV! Buy your slice of Island heaven, even if it’s only 392 square feet. Nothing gets better than this view from my deck!

Happy Sunrises and Sunsets!


PS – If you do live in a mobile home, RV, Park Model, Enchanted Interiors will have a whole line of RV friendly items.


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