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Meet the Owners: Marie

Hello Emerald Isle!

As hopefully many of you know hopefully know by now, we are a new boutique store on Emerald Isle specializing in coastal décor, furnishings and gifts.

We are a female owned, family run, locally owned company.

I thought we would take the next three posts to let you know a little about each of us.

My name is Marie. I am the Momma bear of the group. I have four adult children and three grandchildren. Ashley and Cody are my daughters and my business partners in this first-ever (business) adventure. (There have been other adventures but most of those cannot be repeated on a blog post.) The three of us own Enchanted Interiors!

I had every job you can imagine when my kids were little and usually more than one. I nannied, waitressed, cleaned homes and offices, was a photographer’s assistant and a ballroom dance teacher.

However, I also kept going to school. I got my undergraduate degree at the United of South Florida in English and planned to become a teacher. However, at that time, there were no jobs to be had. Shortly thereafter, I went to New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. I was formerly a lawyer who hated being a lawyer, and after twenty years was high on burn out and short on happiness. It has always been my dream to open a store, but I had to wait until all my children were done with school. Two of my daughters decided to move locally having visited my sister over the years who lives nearby. My daughters wanted to raise their babies together and moved near each other. Of course, I would visit and of course, I missed my girls (especially the little ones!).

I also quickly fell in love with the beach, sunrises, sunsets, friendly people, the weather and more! I decided to follow them and move here.

We knew we wanted to work together and thought the island was missing a store that specialized in coastal décor and furnishings. We did however get very lucky when we literally stumbled across Village West as it was being built and knew it would be the perfect spot!

Operating more on faith than experience, we jumped at the opportunity and very quickly started to come up with an inventory that we hope you’ll love as much as we do. I literally think “Oh I love” that as inventory comes in and then realize I’m the one who picked it out! (Of course, my business partners would say the same thing when they pull out something they picked out.)

In the meantime, delays have occurred with the building of our store. We are trying to patient and we hope you will be patient with us, too, while ALL of us wait for our grand opening, which hopefully will occur some time at the end of June 2021!

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and hearing your story!

Happy Sunrises and Sunsets!


Family Picture
My kids and some of my grandchildren


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