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Meet the Owners: Ashley

I’m Ashley. I live locally in Swansboro. I grew up in Florida and Massachusetts and got my undergrad degree at Bridgewater State College and my Master’s Degree at The University of Georgia! If my family and I hadn’t decided upon North Carolina, a piece of my heart also belongs in Georgia – the architect and food alone sucks you in, but you can’t beat the beauty of the Crystal Coast.

I met my husband, Greg in college and I think we all knew pretty immediately that was the man I was going to marry. We have been together for 16 years and married for 7 years. He is a high school science teacher in Onslow County as well as a member of the National Guard.

When I finished school, I wanted to get right into the work force and threw myself into my career. I was traveling extensively and working in the city of Boston, which I loved. I have always found myself career-driven, but when we had our girls, Allison and Mariah, I knew our family needed a change. I opened an online store selling dog products, which was very successful until Covid hit as many other businesses suffered as well. During that transition, I decided I was ready to get back to work in a public setting, I was ready for my girls to go back to school (shout-out to all the parents that virtual schooled this past year!) and we were ready for another adventure.

Nearly three years ago, we decided as a family, (immediate and extended) that we wanted to live close to one another and we wanted to live on the beach. Most importantly, we wanted to raise our children together. Living close to my sister has been one of the highlights of my life. I get to see her momming every day and watch my niece grow up. It is awesome to see my girls teaching her girls. Also, let's face it I have to teach Sage who the best Auntie is.

I feel very fortunate to love, like and work with my mom and sister on a daily basis and live on the Crystal Coast. You will see my family beaching, fishing, hiking, surfing, canoeing, boating, etc. Can you tell there’s an ocean theme here? It is all of our happy place.

We are looking forward to opening our small boutique store here on Emerald Isle and can’t wait to meet everyone.


Family picture in Swansboro
Ashley, Greg, Allison, and Mariah in Swansboro

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R. E.
R. E.
20 juin 2021

I’m one happy Aunt that you all landed here! Wishing you all the best in your new adventure! Aunt Rose

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