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How to Keep Hosting Lowkey

Happy ThanksgivingChristmasHanukkahKwanzaaNewYears – because Yes, they really are all here and happening so quickly! Did anyone else feel like with all the change of 2021 this year went by incredibly fast? We went from being bunkered down, not going anywhere, to slowly leaving our homes with masks, social distancing, and open air spaces, to now being thrown full blown into the Holiday Season! I feel like I’m getting whiplash with all this change! We went from nobody in our homes to everybody in our homes in the blink of an eye. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but that took some getting used to! It’s like any habit, it takes a bit to create – so with 2021, why don’t we give ourselves a little Grace this holiday season? When family comes to visit, that means grocery shopping, deep cleaning, multiple loads of laundry, organizing their favorite things, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, decorating for the holidays, and making sure everything is well, perfect. Perfection comes with stress, and after this year, I think we all need to just do a little LESS. Why not do only the things that spark JOY in your life? If you love to cook, that’s wonderful because Thanksgiving is your time to shine. If you don’t like all that cooking (& cleaning!) Why not divvy up the meal and sides between your loved ones? I’ll make the turkey, if you wouldn’t mind doing the mashed potatoes. If you love to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa and want to buy each of your people that special something that just screams them, well I’m sure you can’t wait to see their faces when they open up that special gift. If you’re the opposite and buying gifts is deemed stressful or wondering if it will come in time with all the delays, why not try a Secret Santa where you each buy for one individual? Traditions are beautiful if they create peace, happiness, laughter and love. If a tradition has been slowly dragging for the last few years and this year of all of them seems even more daunting because of all the negative news of 2021 – start a new one! Self-care is more important than ever with the burnout of this year, health risks, sadness, economic changes, job losses, delays of happy events and even more that I’m not listing – so what I’m saying is, do more of your FAVORITE things this holiday season. It’s more important than ever and isn’t life worth living, Happily? Spice up your Space that you’ve been aching to change! Get a new Christmas Platter because you love it! Sip out of new wine glasses because you need to soak in every relaxing moment! Buy an ornament instead of going into debt for your loved one! Put your feet up with a Cozy Throw Blanket and let someone else do the dishes!

Shop local and explore all the AMAZING local artisans and gift shops (hint hint)! Tag us @enchantedinteriorsei doing your favorite things! Comment below with something new that brought you Joy! Message us with your family photos in perfection or chaos! We can’t wait to celebrate with y’all in our community and we can’t wait to see what next year brings – after all, it’s only right around the corner.


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