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Decorating for Fall at the Beach

Raise your hand if you’re ready for 90 degree days to end! We all adore our little slice of heaven here on the Crystal Coast, we all love going to the beach year round and we all enjoy when our island gets a little quieter as the busy season slows down.

So what does that mean when the quiet starts to roll in? FALL Y'ALL. I’m here to show you that even though Fall brings pumpkins and leaves, we can still blend that with our coastal homes, beachy decor, and blue accents.

At Enchanted Interiors, we’ve learned your aesthetic, so we’re here to bring you navy blues, sandy beiges and emerald greens all in Fall Decor.

We have decoupage pumpkins in various sizes with crab, coral and shell themes. We have sand colored placemats for your Fall dinner parties, with sweet little sayings like gather and love grows here. We have burlap flowers for center pieces and wavey blue pumpkins for your mantel. If bright orange and leafy florals are your style, we’ll have some of those too!

When the island gets quiet, it just means a new season is upon us and we’ll always have everything to spice up your space if you’re getting the wiggles or keep is relaxed and coastal all year, for every holiday.

Please email us or message us on social media, @enchantedinteriorsei to tell us what you’re looking for or to show us where our special piece has landed in your beautiful home.


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