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Creating an Ideal Outdoor Space

Does Covid have you feeling a little cooped up? It’s been a wild two years for everyone all around the world and we’re all ready to start living like things are a little more normal these days. With that being said, many are still taking precautions when it comes to social gatherings. If that sounds like you, have you thought about creating an enchanting outdoor space? There are so many options of ways to make getting outside seem spectacular. You guessed it- at Enchanted Interiors, WE HAVE THOSE OPTIONS! Vibe with me here – whether you have a small porch, a large deck, a patio, or your toes hit the sand, with some furniture, the right lighting and light décor, you’ll be finding ways to get outside even when inside chores call your name. It really can help to set your home apart from other Emerald Isle vacation homes for anyone who rents their home or condo regularly. So lets create the perfect space for you and all of your friends to enjoy! If you have visited our store, have you thought about adding a porch swing to your humble abode? You can choose the stain color, the rope design and the fabric of the mattress to your eclectic taste. Add some cozy pillows, and who doesn’t love to swing while holding a glass of wine? Let’s face it, as adults, sometimes we lose our sense of wonder with bills, kids, work, chores and the day to day piling up. But if there’s a swing, you’re swaying, right? Grab a silicone wine glass or a Toadfish non-tipping can and place it right on that swing while you rock with your loved one, your gal pals, or laugh about your day under some lanterns and the sound of the sea. We provide custom orders, made locally at a 10 week turn around, so swinging into relaxation could be just a short wait away.

Custom Porch Wings

If your space is a bit smaller, but you still want to feel excited when you go outside, why not add a pop of color? A baby blue bistro set might do the trick! We have boho lattice lanterns available right now, or add a mini Flikr fireplace to roast marshmallows or just to create some ambiance. If you also feel like kicking your feet up, we have Teak stools or side tables that stack to provide you with the perfect space saver.

A cool piece of décor on your deck or railings might make you feel a little beachy-calm too. Driftwood Garlands or Seaglass Mobiles drifting in the breeze might bring you that sense of beach whether you can see the ocean, the Emerald Isle Sound or just wish you were a little closer than you are. A focal point that is safe outside with all of our weather changes, is the perfect add-on to make that outdoor space feel oh so cool.

You might not think of Enchanted Interiors having outdoor items – but with any request, we try to accommodate. You can always add a garden flag, a Rock garland, bright bird feeder, or a wind chime to just make you smile when you look outside on our beautiful Crystal Coast. Life’s all about the little things, and as we’ve all been cooped up, sometimes it's hard to remember what life used to be like before masks, no more than 6 people around and wondering whether or not that sneeze was allergies or something more. Our promise at Enchanted Interiors is to welcome you with a smile, and do our best to help you find just that enchanting item you’re looking for. Let’s all get outside and enjoy that Emerald Isle sun – it really does make you feel better.


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